Introduce Bangkok Poll Center
          Bangkok Poll Center is pursuing the mission stated during its establishment
in 1994: social service of academic survey or Poll in terms of economy, society, and
politics. It is the source of knowledge, development, as well as the research distributor
for faculty, students and the public.
  • Opt for issues of importance that can bring about economical, social and political
  • Build a quality and ethical survey research team,
  • Ride on standardized research methodology with advanced technology,
  • Do research that truly reflects the public opinion,
  • Produce accurate, valid and reliable results,
  • Provide the results that can be a part of the decision-making within an individual
    organization or for the development of the nation,
  • Aim for thorough public distributions of the research results,
  • Collaborate with other research organizations,
  • Promote the participation among government, private, and public sectors.
          Bangkok Poll Center has launched more than 300 polls in economic, social and
political interests. Many decisions playing important role in the country's development
are the fruit of Bangkok Poll.

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